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Migration Readiness Suite – ConverterTechnology’s solution can help your enterprise better manage your process, assets and workflow around file and application compatibility issues when upgrading to a new version of Microsoft Office or Windows. Download Migration Readiness Suite Whitepaper

Article: Embrace Office 2016, but Avoid Microsoft’s Migration Strategy. Many organizations are considering an upgrade to Microsoft Office 2016, especially with product support for Office 2007 ending in October 2017. While Microsoft offers a free upgrade assessment tool – Telemetry – it downplays early, comprehensive file discovery and corresponding risk planning but instead ultimately promotes a reactive approach to fixing conflicts identified by users. Such an avoidance strategy and the related technical flaws in Microsoft’s recommended migration upgrade strategy result in undue delays and productivity losses for end users, demand for greater IT support and hidden costs from required remediation. Download the full article.

Challenges and Solution in Enterprise Deployment Methods – To deploy a new version of Microsoft Office successfully, companies must be aware of the challenges, create a strategic plan to mitigate the risks and take advantage of effective tools for the job. Download Whitepaper

Whitepaper: ODF Standards, Applications, Compatibility and Collaboration. The goal of using a standard interchangeable format is to allow for free file sharing without regard to the application generating the file. However, there is an issue that can prevent the goal from being achieved. That is that the standards intentionally allow the open format to be extended. While ODF is a standard, it does allow for extensibility by the various office productivity applications. Therefore, these applications designed to create and edit ODF files could indeed generate files that contain content not compatible with the other applications. Download Whitepaper

Discovering Microsoft Office files with Converter Technology DiscoverIT – DiscoverIT is optimized for discovering files on file shares. The multi-threaded capability of the application allows for multiple DiscoverIT Tasks to be run at one time. Download Whitepaper

Scanning & Remediating Office Files With OfficeConverter – OfficeConverter is designed to provide an in-depth scan and if selected, remediation of VBA/Macros within Microsoft Office files to be compatible with the current version of Office. OfficeConverter scans and remediates Excel, Access, Word and PowerPoint files. Download Whitepaper