OfficeConverter Versus OMPM

Microsoft Office migration tool automatically fixes broken files

With ConverterTechnology’s Microsoft office migration tool, OfficeConverter 2010, IT can proactively prevent end users from encountering broken Microsoft Office files


ConverterTechnology’s OfficeConverter 2010 and Microsoft’s Office Migration Planning Manager (OMPM) are each MS Office file conversion tools designed to assist customers when migrating Office 2003 and Office 2007 files to Office 2010. Though they appear to be similar sets of tools, there are significant differences in both the steps required to run them and the results generated.


OfficeConverter 2010 combines the functionality of Microsoft’s office migration planning manager’s  Offscan.exe, Ofc. exe and OCCI into a single tool. This means that instead of having to process each file 3 times using the office migration planning manager toolset, a single run using OfficeConverter 2010 will scan the files, convert the ms office file to Office 2010 and automatically remediate most compatibility issues.
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OfficeConverter 2010 provides tremendous value over OMPM when it comes to migrating from Office 2003 and Office 2007. By automating the steps and running them simultaneously, ConverterTechnology file conversion solutions give IT the ability to proactively identify and automatically fix most Microsoft file conversion issues.

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