LinkLab – Empowering end users to fix broken links

Broken links are a major problem after a Microsoft Office upgrade, impacting many business-critical Excel and Word files. Most organizations use a global, centralized approach – such as ConverterTechnology’s OfficeConverter – where IT is responsible for identifying and repairing broken links. This approach does not repair every broken link, and end-users do not have a clear protocol for identifying and remediating these problems themselves and burden their IT departments with help requests. Migration experts ConverterTechnology, created LinkLab, an intuitive new tool that empowers end users to test their own files for broken links, increasing their accuracy and productivity while freeing up IT resources.

What is LinkLab?

LinkLab is a solution at the desktop level that empowers end users to repair Microsoft Excel and Word file links that are broken as files are upgraded to the new Microsoft Office 2016 format.

How does it work?

LinkLab is an Add-in for Microsoft Excel and Word. LinkLab provides a simple to use form that generates a broken link report listing of the files containing broken links and also their location. To fix a broken link, the user selects the appropriate links and clicks a button on the LinkLab toolbar.

LinkLab identifies and repairs the broken links to the converted file. LinkLab also provides an at-a-glance report, indicating which broken links were fixed and alerting end users to problems that require manual remediation.

Why fix links at the desktop?

When a customer upgrades their organization to a new version of Office, typically they do not upgrade all Excel and Word files to the new Office format due to project size, cost, and duration. Due to individual client’s project scope parameters, it is likely that many but not all linked files are converted during the initial migration. Therefore, the end users need a way to correct broken links as other users selectively convert files that were out of scope for the initial Office upgrade.

Why use LinkLab instead of repairing links in bulk?

Not all files will be upgraded during the new Office installation and a major problem will be Excel and Word files. A central remediation of all links requires extensive processing to be effective. In addition, it will not address all possible broken links. Some link types require the target file be accessible for an update. This is often not the case when centrally processing files with OfficeConverter. Additionally, link information is stored as a relative path and it is best to apply a repair from the end user’s desktop.