M3 for Office™ is a set of tools that provide the industry’s most comprehensive support through the entire Office 2016/2019 migration or Office 365 migration process – from planning through migration and remediation.

Ensuring an effective and complete migration requires a well-defined process incorporating a beginning-to-end approach that includes tools and support from planning to production to post-rollout. Only M3 for Office offers a technology to scan and automate the remediation of end user computing applications. Its approach provides tools and expert services that help architect and support the entire migration process.

M3 for Office, available for Office 2016/2019 migration and Office 365 migration, is built on over 20 years of proven Office migration workflow success with large enterprises. M3 for Office comprises several solutions that allow businesses to align their migration projects with business operations and optimization goals. The tools convert Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Access files automatically, support batch processing, reduce spreadsheet risk and macro errors, convert 32-bit API calls to 64-bit, and automatically remediate Office VBA object model changes.

M3 for Office consists of: 

DiscoverIT – defines the scope of a Microsoft Office upgrade by identifying the number of files that exist on a network, where data is stored, and helps determine whether data migration file conversion needs to apply to all files or just a subset.

ReportIT– reporting tool that assists in spreadsheet governance and making informed decisions about file discovery and potential files for conversion. Reports regarding the number, types, and condition of files provide precise information to make informed choices for upgrade planning and execution.

OfficeConverter– performs an in-depth bulk scan and remediation of files containing Macros and VBA code.  This critical task plays an essential part in a fast, efficient, and well-managed Office deployment and migration. Report analysis identifies the number of files needing repair and upgrade, and bulk file conversion and VBA code repair to convert files for an upgrade. 

Click2Fix– secure web portal application designed to reduce the IT workload by enabling end users to select at-risk files, upload them to IT, and track the remediation status through a single website.