Why is Office Migration Important?

Having an outdated version of MS Office or Office 365 makes it difficult for your business to run smoothly and effectively. Not only that but trying to get up to date on the newest version can be difficult, and time-consuming. Here at Converter Technology, we have developed a set of comprehensive tools for MS Office migration and remediation. Our goal is to help companies, no matter what size and function, safely complete Microsoft Office Migration without disrupting the office environment. Here are a few reasons why migrating to Office 365 will help your business


Communication Made Easier

Different teams and departments must have a way to communicate quickly and effectively. Otherwise, information gets lost or misconstrued causing delays and setbacks. Office 365 works out those communication flaws, making it easier to collaborate with other employees on projects. In addition to file sharing and video conferencing, Office 365 has tools for every business need. 


Increased Productivity 

 Especially with the shift over the past year to work from home, there is a constant need for flexibility. Being flexible is one of the best ways to increase productivity because it allows employees to access work from wherever they are. Office 365 provides the flexibility needed for increased productivity. With user-friendly mobile applications, you can access everything you need from anywhere. This makes employees far more productive! 


No Surprise Costs

No one likes getting hit with unexpected fees. With Office 365, that won’t happen. You know upfront what the subscription cost will be so that you aren’t surprised down the road. Generally, these additional costs that come with other subscriptions tend to creep in when the software needs updates. Office 365, however, updates seamlessly, making migration easy. 


Additional Flexibility

With the professional world changing so rapidly, it’s important to have software that can change with you. Office 365 makes that simple. As your business grows or condenses, you are able to adjust the number of licenses you need to be most productive. Additionally, MS Office makes it effortless to connect via multiple locations so that your business continues to stay connected even if it isn’t all in the same place. 


Converter Technology Office Migration


With over 20 years of proven MS Office Migration and success, Converter Technology is ready to help. For more information, contact Converter Technology today and have confidence in your stress-free migration!