What’s worse than files that break during a migration? The ones that don’t.

Many companies – across a variety of industries – depend on Excel to manage business-critical data.  After migrating to new versions of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office, users often (unknowingly) have files pulling old data or linking incorrectly.

Companies may not be aware of these hidden problems, and erroneously assume that if they can’t see a problem, everything’s working correctly.  However, without identifying and fixing the files, business decisions are being built on misinformation. Hidden file problems can result in significant errors, tremendous expense, decreased productivity, compliance violations and ruined reputations.

Consider this: A global financial services leader serves more than 23 million investors, relying on customized Excel applications for access to key trading information. When migrating, they faced major challenges: broken file links, malfunctioning macros, errors within spreadsheet formulas, as well as investor responsibility, regulatory compliance and a global banking crisis.

Accuracy and continuity were major concerns prior to – and during – their 4,500-seat global migration.  If even one mission-critical file linked to misinformation for one day, the company could lose millions of dollars.

Recognizing that it would be inaccurate and inefficient to manually find and remediate “bad” files, which might not look “broken” during an internal scan, the company turned to Global IT leader ConverterTechnology. We scanned and fixed 4.4 million of this client’s problematic files. They also migrated quickly, efficiently and accurately, ensuring compliance and business continuity.

ConverterTechnology’s expert team is uniquely positioned to manage migration and associated risk, using their revolutionary OfficeConverter technology, and is the only company offering these services.

If you would like to talk to ConverterTechnology’s experts about the risks and how to prevent them, please contact us today to schedule a free one hour consultation.