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Does your company have an outdated version of MS Office or Office 365 that needs to be upgraded? Here at Converter Technology, we developed a set of comprehensive tools for MS Office migration and remediation. We understand that some headaches and issues come along with new versions of Windows-based programs. Our goal is to help companies of all sizes safely complete MS Office Migration without inefficiencies that drain other resources.


Why You Should Upgrade or Migrate


Plain and simple, newer versions of MS Office offer more tools and are safer due to frequent updates. To stay up to date, companies must keep their files compatible with their machines up to date! Overall, it’s crucial to keep your files safe from viruses or cyber-attacks. With so many companies working remotely and online, you must protect your MS Office files.


M3 Suite for Office


What does the M3 Suite for Office consist of? Well, it’s a comprehensive program of four different tools. It’s available for Office versions 2016 and 2019 migration. Altogether, the tools can convert Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Access files automatically. Also, it supports batch processing, reduces spreadsheet risk and macro errors, restores 32-bit API calls to 64-bit, and automatically remediate Office VBA object model changes.




DiscoverIT will identify the number of files that exist on a network. It can also find where the data is being stored and determine whether the data migration needs to be utilized on all the files on the network or just some of them.




This tool reports and makes decisions on potentials files for conversions. It will tell you precisely how many of each file type and what condition they are in. This helps the company make educated judgments on upgrade preparation and execution.


Office Converter


Office Converter dives deep into bulk scans and the remediation of files containing macros and VBA codes. This will help efficiently complete the MS Office migration. It will also report the number of files that require repair.




Click2Fix is an easy and secure web-based portal for the companies IT department to make everything come together. It will enable at-risk files to be directly uploaded to a portal where the IT team can supervise remediation through a single website.


microsoft office migration


Convertor Technologies for easy MS Office Migration


With over 20 years of proven MS Office migration and success, Converter Technologies is ready to help. For more information, contact Converter Technology today and have confidence in your stress-free migration!