The Importance of DiscoverIT

On the outside, migrating to a new software might not seem like a big deal. But once you start to delve into the necessary steps of moving, things can get a bit overwhelming. In addition to making sure your employees understand how the new software works and making the switch, there’s a lot of preplanning involved. With M3 for Office, designed by the professionals here at Converter Technology, we can guide you through every step of the way.

The first step involves combing through all existing files and determining if they are compatible with the newest version. M3 for Office combines several solutions to ensure the migration goes smoothly. The first part – DiscoverIT – helps define the scope of the upgrade before you even begin. It identifies how many files are on the network, where the data is stored, and also how many files need to be converted. This helps your IT professionals determine how long the migration will take, and help you from losing any critical data.

Why DiscoverIT?

This first step is crucial for setting the stage for your office migration. You probably wouldn’t move to a new country without first learning the language. DiscoverIT identifies files that might otherwise get destroyed or damaged in the process and converts them into a safer format. This will preserve potentially vital information for your company.

Since it also identifies how many files are on the network, you can better estimate your timeline. Being accurate will keep your employees at bay knowing the interruption won’t last forever.

Whether you’re converting to Office 2016 or Office 365, M3 for Office can migrate Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Access files securely. Additionally, the software will reduce spreadsheet errors. For more information about our services and the other services offered in M3 for Office, visit our site here.