Streamlining Microsoft Office 2010 Migrations

Technology advancement is a result of an organization’s need to leverage business intelligence techniques and to streamline business processes. In the fast changing information environment, keeping up with technology advancement can be a major challenge for companies.

For organizations of all sizes, the ultimate goal in upgrading systems to newer technology is to achieve better business efficiency. But the goal in deploying that new technology is to streamline the transition so as to not affect productivity during the process.

Microsoft Office applications grew strong roots within organizations, not only due to Microsoft’s widespread platforms, but also due to the rich intuitive functionality they provide. Thus, most decision makers are currently choosing to upgrade to the latest Office 2010 version.

If their organization has a large number of workstations, IT professionals will most likely look for ways to automate and streamline the migration process. To achieve a smooth Office 2010 migration, the IT staff has to plan how to deal with Office files that may not work after the migration is complete.

There are solutions in the market to help streamline Office migrations. ConverterTechnology’s  OfficeConverter is the only third-party solution that accelerates file scanning, identification and migration to Office 2010. It providing a deep level of granularity – by identifying Office files that will not function once migrated. The tool offers an efficient process since files will only need to be scanned once, and remediation is done automatically.

With OfficeConverter, IT will not be overloaded with requests to fix issues, and your staff is not left with broken Office files that will delay their work and reduce productivity. To learn more about our solution and compare it with other options available you can download our newest white paper, “Streamlining Microsoft Office 2010 Migrations Using OfficeConverter