The Consequences of Broken Links

spreadsheet riskA massive project in your business can mean it’s difficult to find individual pieces of data within the project. To get around this issue, many use links within the project that point to the locations of data within the same or related documents. Have you considered what could happen if these links broke during any Microsoft Office migration? The results could be disastrous when the broken links result in spreadsheet risk or other errors.



The Effects

Individual data points will become nearly impossible to find. That error can lead to significant setbacks. It takes a significantly longer time for users to find the exact information they need. This extra time will cause a ripple effect that ensures a 5-minute task could take up to 5 hours instead. You can fix this during the initial migration by manually checking and restoring all the links. However, this is an extremely arduous process. You could get the same results with automated software, but this can still take time. The problem could have easily been avoidable in the first place.

If your project is available to your customers by the internet or any other remote server, then broken links can be disastrous. When clients face broken links, their trust in the company that provided them with breaks. You can fix this by making sure customers never see broken links in your projects. Test all links and ensure they’re correct before anything gets released to the public or your clients. This process will save your clients any trouble, as well as protect your client support team from the headache of dealing with these problems.


Find a Solution

People aren’t the only ones who rely on links within documents—the documents themselves will cross-reference data points to provide new data. If your records have broken links, then data will come out as inaccurate. These errors will hurt you and your company later on. You see this most often in Microsoft Excel files that rely on numbers reported in other documents that increase spreadsheet risk. You might not notice that a single sheet detailing sales doesn’t link to the sheet calculating revenue, but you’ll see when reports of sales and revenue aren’t matching. Some may worry about large discrepancies, but you prevent them by ensuring all links work.



Prevent broken links during your migration with Converter Technology. Our solution automates the Microsoft Office migration process and ensures that all files migrate. Consequentially, nothing goes missing, and there is no spreadsheet risk.