Questions to ask before a Microsoft Office migration

When it comes to Office migrations you need to be prepared. Migrations can be a complex processes, and without sufficient planning you may experience unwanted setbacks. The first step in any deployment project should be to ask questions, such as:

How do we prepare?

When it comes to Office migrations, there is a large amount of processing required to remediate files and to repair links.  Significant planning and benchmarking needs to be done to ensure enough resources are applied to complete the process in the deployment window.  Disk space, additional backups, network utilization and fallback plans need to be considered. Also, files attached to Outlook messages will not be remediated and need to be addressed in the planning process.

Is my data secure? Where will it be stored?

Office utilizes the Trust Center for document security and macro security.  The Trust Center settings must be considered as part of a deployment.  Prior to Office 2007, Workgroup Security (.MDW) was available to secure Access applications. Newer versions of Microsoft Office (native mode) don’t support Workgroup security and therefore a security model must be planned and implemented as part of the deployment process.

What skills will be required for the migration and after the migration is complete?

Microsoft has mountains of documentation on different versions of Office, including walk-through videos and an unending stream of forum posts. However, most clients find the sheer mass of content overwhelming and the quality of Microsoft’s videos to be surprisingly poor. Training on the new platform needs to be planned for as well to ensure that workers are able to use the new Microsoft Office features. Training should be delivered close to the time of deployment and therefore the deployment plan needs to assure enough training resources are available.

Can we perform the migration on our own, or will we need help?

Migrations can be technically complex, and transitions are a time for IT professionals to deliver their best performances. Office migrations require a number of skills balanced across several technical disciplines. As a result, a team of professionals is often required. Upgrading from one version of Microsoft Office to another can pose significant challenges, can be costly and are time consuming. However, choosing to stick with an older version and running on old technology, hoping that nothing breaks might prove to be even more damaging for your business.

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