World’s Largest Financial Institution Streamlines MS Office 2010 Migration Using ConverterTechnology’s Click2Fix™ -40,000 Desktops, ½ Billion Data Files Easily Reconciled

Innovative ClickToFix migration tool from ConverterTechnology enables end users to self-select and nominate files for compatibility analysis

Enterprise organizations with large infrastructures, that support tens of thousands of desktops, face the daunting task of reconciling large pools of files during an Office 2010 migration. Success requires considerable planning. The “wait and see” approach where critical file failures are discovered only after Office 2010 has been deployed is both risky and costly. In the case of financial institutions, migrations also require adherence to data security rules and regulations.

ConverterTechnology, provider of software and services to help enterprises capitalize on the benefits of Microsoft Office 2010 without the migration risks of data corruption, offers an effective and efficient approach to Microsoft migrations that engage end users and enable them to select and nominate files for compatibility analysis.

The world’s largest banking institution is currently leveraging ConverterTechnology’s Click2Fix for its migration. The only product of its kind on the market, Click2Fix offers significant benefits including:

  • reduced remediation time
  • faster access to fixed files
  • increased productivity for IT departments and end users

“When companies find problems with their files, they need quick recovery plus a fast, effective response,” said Shawn Allaway, president, ConverterTechnology. “Many companies rely on a ‘fix-on-fail’ strategy, which is time-consuming and inefficient. Click2Fix offers a more productive solution that provides a faster means to remediation, while reducing downtime, errors, frustrations, and expense.”

Why Click2Fix for the World’s Largest Bank
Providing private and investment banking services to commercial operations, and institutional and private clients, this international banking institution employs over 40,000 workers across operations in Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, and the United States. The organization is currently engaged in 18-month-long project of updating all desktops from Microsoft Office 2003 to Office 2010, which includes close to a half billion data files.

Click2Fix provides the organization with the vital project management needed for a successful migration, while empowering desktop users to select the most important documents or applications for easy upload to IT for remediation and status tracking through a single portal site. Click2Fix offers benefits whether companies remediate files prior to deploying a new version of Microsoft Office or remediate individual files after the deployment.

Planning, Regulatory Adherence, Access Control
Regulatory restrictions require a carefully planned approach to the migration. Click2Fix ensures that data security rules and regulations, including stringent control of data transmissions and access, are adhered to throughout the project. ConverterTechnology’s client allocated environments to each company division by provisioning dedicated Web-based portals that leverage the Click2Fix solution, which uses the existing network domain access and associated membership to restrict access to each portal system based on user profiles without incurring additional administrative overhead.

With a Web browser and the appropriate server address for the portal dedicated to their division, end users can easily participate in the migration process. The client configuration for notifications provided by Click2Fix allows end users to tailor notifications based on the requirements of their department. In addition, the flexibility of the Click2Fix solution allows for localization of the portals based on company requirements, and provides detailed, company-specific guidelines built into the user experience. Email communications are configurable to include clear end user instructions that avoid the need for extensive training.

Throughout the migration process and beyond, each user has day-to-day access to a simple-to-use Web site for uploading corrupt files for analysis and remediation. Once files are submitted, portal operators receive a notification alerting them that files are available for analysis. The bank’s deployment plan calls for twice-per-day data processing to limit user wait time to no more than four hours. Once processed, file analysis and fixes are automatically available to users, who can access the Web site to review the results, and download the remediated file and associated reports detailing file changes made.

Click2Fix Benefits Following Months of Deployment
Several months into the deployment, users across multiple regions and business units continue to leverage the Click2Fix portals, while the organization has successfully provisioned a solution that rapidly responds to problems as end users migrate to the new Office 2010 platform. In addition, the bank has eliminated the need for costly analysis of all user files in advance of the rollout and allowed end users to proactive identify concerns prior to deployment.

The Click2Fix application is designed to reduce IT’s workload by empowering desktop users. Instead of expecting the IT team to know which files are important to each user, Click2Fix enables users to select the most important files, upload them to IT, and track the status of their files through a single web site.

Users have access only to the files they upload and automatically receive detailed reports listing all compatibility issues in their files and the changes made. Click2Fix dramatically reduces the scope of the migration effort by empowering user to submit only those files that are critically important to their day-to-day tasks.

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About ConverterTechnology
ConverterTechnology is the only company to provide a comprehensive, automated Microsoft® Windows and Office migration solution that manages, tracks, and reports on the entire process. The company’s innovative suite of tools, such as OfficeConverter™, DiscoverIT, Click2Fix™ and LinkLab™, bring tremendous value to the entire upgrade process, including planning, workflow, discovering files, identifying compatibility issues and remediation. Founded in 1997, ConverterTechnology has helped millions of users at Fortune 500 companies, global financial and pharmaceutical corporations, and the world’s most renowned theme park, identify, analyze and fix compatibility errors before they occur, accelerating time to deployment. ConverterTechnology is headquartered in Nashua, N.H., with offices in Europe and Australia. For more information, please visit

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