Spreadsheet Integrity for Excel Migration and Beyond

ClusterSeven and ConverterTechnology Deliver Unified Solution

ClusterSeven, and ConverterTechnology, international providers of strategic spreadsheet management and migration solutions for Microsoft Office and Windows to Fortune 2000 companies, today announced a new partnership. This will provide a unified solution for ensuring the integrity of spreadsheets through both the demands of migration to new versions of Excel and subsequent operational business usage.

The pervasive use of spreadsheets as critical business applications is often only exposed when businesses prepare to upgrade their desk top environment to the most recent versions of Microsoft Office®. Yet businesses run a risk every day that these spreadsheets will be corrupted by error or fraud during normal daily operations.

The ClusterSeven-ConverterTechnology partnership is designed to leverage the work completed during preparations for a desktop upgrade. Business can re-use information gathered from the migration process to establish continuous management of their critical spreadsheets and ensure long term operational integrity.

“As spreadsheet applications increasingly support critical functions within corporate operations, the risk of downtime becomes a real threat to the business” says Shawn Allaway, President of ConverterTechnology. “By working with ClusterSeven we know that our clients will get continuing protection long after we have helped them achieve a smooth and successful Office migration”.

“Many spreadsheet management and control projects start with ConverterTechnology by identifying and building an inventory of critical and risky files” says Ralph Baxter, CEO of ClusterSeven. Clients can save a lot of money and effort by taking this inventory as a baseline for active spreadsheet management to ensure that the files stay as good as the day that ConverterTechnology migrated them”.

About ClusterSeven
ClusterSeven (London and New York) provides enterprise-wide, strategic spreadsheet and data management software to financial institutions and Fortune 500 financial reporting divisions. ClusterSeven’s software non-intrusively monitors and tracks spreadsheets to enable users to more effectively manage governance, risk and regulatory compliance obligations in order to generate revenue, enhance staff efficiency and boost productivity.