Soroc Teams with ConverterTechnology to Deliver Trouble Free MS Office Migrations

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Soroc Technology has tapped ConverterTechnology to help its clients migrate their files and data to Microsoft Office 2007 without the risk and lost productivity that typically threaten major enterprise upgrades.

Soroc, a Toronto-based technology solutions and service provider, will useConverterTechnology’s OfficeConverter 2007 software to streamline migration of key Office files and applications for its financial, retail and other clients across North America.

The partnership comes on the heels of Soroc’s similar announcement with App-DNA to provide Microsoft Windows 7 migration solutions. Soroc will combine the expertise and processes of its IT professionals with these tools to offer clients a complete operating system, application and data migration strategy solution.

“We’ve found that many clients have held off major upgrades, such as Microsoft Office applications, because of business continuity concerns,” said Alex Topitsch, Director Advanced Solutions. “ConverterTechnology alleviates these concerns by seamlessly migrating data alongside an application migration – ensuring workers have reliable access to the data they need when accessing it via an upgraded application.”

Office files are business critical assets. If they suddenly stop working, it can lead to huge losses in revenue and worker productivity. OfficeConverter 2007 makes the migration process fast and reliable by automating many of the labor-intensive file conversion functions. It identifies all of the files that should be converted, flags problematic files and fixes problems automatically to ensure the migration goes trouble-free.

The new partnership has already yielded successful software migration projects at two large Canadian financial services organizations, and Soroc will soon roll out the service across its North American offices. As financial services and insurance clients are particularly risk averse,
OfficeConverter 2007 will enable Soroc to mitigate the risk and liability of major software migration. The technology will also help Soroc’s IT professionals preserve all the unique, mission-critical knowledge and functionality underlying its customers’ Office files and applications. Soroc will leverage four key OfficeConverter 2007 tools in their engagements:

  • DiscoverIT – which identifies all files on the network so IT staff can determine which files need to be converted;
  • ScanIT – which marks known compatibility issues such as invalid Visual Basic for Application (VBA) references;
  • ReportIT – which generates detailed reports IT managers can use to make smart decisions about which files to convert, how and when;
  • ConvertIT – which fixes up to 97 percent of compatibility issues, increasing IT staff productivity by minimizing hands-on development effort to fix problems.

“Simplifying the migration process helps ensure success. But smart technology by itself isn’t enough. It also requires smart people to deploy it well. Soroc’s staff understands the needs of financial and retail companies better than anyone,” said Shawn Allaway, Vice President, Sales & Services of ConverterTechnology.


Alison Ruttens