Sogeti and ConverterTechnology Take the Risk Out of MS Office 2007 Migrations

ConverterTechnology, experts in Microsoft Office™ deployment and migration projects, has teamed with Sogeti USA to help organizations migrate their files and data to Microsoft Office 2007 without the fear, high cost and lost productivity that typically threaten major enterprise upgrades.

Sogeti, one of the world’s largest IT consultancies and a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, will utilize Converter’s OfficeConverter 2007 as a key conversion tool in its SMaRT (Sogeti Migration and Rapid Transformation) Microsoft Solutions service offering.

SMaRT combines best-of-breed tools like OfficeConverter 2007 with Sogeti’s methodologies, best practices and trained experts, to streamline migration of key Microsoft Office files and applications. OfficeConverter 2007 accelerates the process by automating many of the laborintensive,

file conversion functions, such as identifying all of the files that should be converted, flagging problematic files and automatically fixing problems to ensure the migration goes as smoothly as possible.

The ConverterTechnology and Sogeti alliance is particularly significant now because an increasing number of medium and large-size enterprises have held off migrating to the new Microsoft Office version for fear of disruption. Sogeti’s deep Microsoft expertise combined with Converter’s software mitigates the risk that files will be corrupted, business-critical applications will be down, and employee productivity will suffer.

“There’s an amazing amount of functionality and knowledge hidden behind files that companies have amassed over the years. That’s why file problems are the biggest and most expensive disruption to business during software upgrades. Macros suddenly stop working, formulas stop calculating correctly, and links to critical files are broken, bringing a business to its knees. Our partnership with Sogeti takes the risk and guesswork out of the migration by preserving all that mission-critical knowledge and functionality behind the files,” said Rob McWalter, ConverterTechnology’s CEO.

Sogeti has more than 20,000 employees in 14 countries, utilizing both local and off-shore Microsoft experts in its SMaRT engagements. The company has trained a large percentage of team members across the globe on OfficeConverter 2007, and is already offering the SMaRT service offering today to customers worldwide.

Sogeti team members leverage four key OfficeConverter 2007 tools in their engagements:

DiscoverIT –identifies all files on the network so IT staff can determine which files need to be converted

ScanIT –marks known compatibility issues such as invalid Visual Basic for Application (VBA) references;ReportIT –generates detailed reports IT managers can use to make smart decisions about which files to convert, how and when

ConvertIT – fixes up to 97 percent of compatibility issues, increasing IT staff productivity by minimizing hands-on development effort to fix problems.

“Our Microsoft solutions have been bringing value to our clients by minimizing their migrations schedules and costs for over 5 years now. We do this by leveraging best of breed automation tools with our proven methodology and RightShore staffing approach to ensure predictable results, reasonable costs and reduced risks,” said Sanjeev Agarwal, Global Vice President of the Sogeti Enterprise Microsoft Solutions Practice. “When we decided to compliment our Office Deployment services by offering Office Document migration services, ConverterTechnology
Office Document migration tools that we could trust to complement our

Alison Ruttens