Private Cloud + ConverterTechnology’s Click2Fix™ Web Portal Offer Enhanced Security & Control

Innovative New Tools Empower End-Users While Reducing IT’s Burden

A growing trend in business is using the private cloud, a private virtual server, to maintain security and regain control of a distributed computing environment.  Combining the private cloud and ConverterTechnology’s new Click2Fix web portal tool for file remediation allows IT departments to maintain control and security, while empowering end-users with an online workflow to remediate broken files and applications.

“Using Click2Fix and the private cloud, IT departments can maintain control and security while giving end-users the freedom to be part of the remediation solution,” said Shawn Allaway, President of ConverterTechnology (  “With the Click2Fix web portal, companies embracing end-user computing can empower employees to find problematic files or apps themselves, send them to IT for remediation, track the status, and receive faster, more efficient solutions.  And by empowering end-users to identify broken files, rather than burdening IT to find and fix every file throughout the enterprise, IT departments’ workload is significantly reduced.”
Click2Fix web portal is a vital tool for project management, empowering desktop users to select the documents or apps that are important to them, easily upload these to IT for remediation and track their status through a single portal site.  Click2Fix web portal offers benefits whether companies are migrating to a new version of Microsoft Office or Windows or maintaining their files after a migration.

“For example, a large Swiss bank has recently chosen to leverage the benefits of our Click2Fix web portal solution, combined with our OfficeConverter product, as a means to handle international jurisdictional restrictions and end-user computing initiatives as part of their worldwide rollout of Office 2010, “ Allaway cited.

As the only product of its kind in the marketplace, Click2Fix web portal offers significant benefits, including reducing remediation time, providing faster access to fixed files, and increasing productivity for IT departments and end-users.

When companies find problems with their files, they need to recover quickly with a fast, effective response.  Usually, they rely on a fix-on-fail strategy, which is time-consuming and inefficient.  Click2Fix web portal leads to faster, more productive solutions, reducing downtime, errors, frustrations, and expense.

“Hidden problems within app-like files are an ongoing, serious problem during and after migration.  Employees erroneously assume that if the files open, everything’s working correctly.  However, broken objects are often hidden in companies’ most mission-critical documents, linking to outdated information, and resulting in significant errors, decreased productivity and even compliance violations,” Allaway explained.

“Don’t overlook your company’s most heavily used customized documents, which are frequently opened and revised.  These constant file revisions can result in broken files – and significant problems, “Allaway cautioned. “Another thing to consider is ongoing maintenance.  What happens when employees open a broken file three months from now?  One broken link can cause major damage, especially for large organizations managing complex data.  Click2Fix web portal is an easy, pro-active way to avoid damaging errors.”

ConverterTechnology is the only company to provide a comprehensive, automated Microsoft Windows and Office migration solution that manages, tracks and reports on the entire process.  The company’s innovative suite of tools brings tremendous value to the migration process, including planning, workflow, discovering critical Office files, identifying compatibility issues, and automating remediation.

ConverterTechnology has worked with industry leaders, including Fortune 500 companies, global financial and pharmaceutical corporations, and the world’s most renowned theme park.