ConverterTechnology’s OfficeConverter 2007 Eases Microsoft Office 2007 Migrations

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What is a CIO’s worst nightmare aside from a total IT shutdown? To be the most hated person in the office because a major enterprise application migration did not go well. ConverterTechnology recently unveiled OfficeConverter 2007, which eliminates that fear by streamlining migration to Microsoft Office 2007. Key new features that solve more Visual Basic for Application (VBA) and Excel compatibility issues help organizations reduce the risk of file corruption, business-critical applications downtime and lower employee productivity.

OfficeConverter accelerates the process of converting files by automating many of the most labor-intensive, complex functions. It identifies all of the files that should be converted, flags files at risk of corruption or incompatibility and fixes problems automatically to ensure the migration goes as smoothly as possible. The software accomplishes these tasks at a fraction of the financial and resource costs of hiring outsourced code specialists or re-directing internal staff from core IT functions.

The OfficeConverter 2007 suite includes four modules – DiscoverIT, ScanIT, ReportIT and ConvertIT – that help companies begin capitalizing on the benefits of Office 2007 quickly, efficiently and with a minimum of risk.

  • DiscoverIT – identifies all files on the network so IT staff can determine which files need to be converted
  • ScanIT – marks known compatibility issues such as invalid Visual Basic for Application (VBA) references
  • ReportIT – generates detailed reports IT managers can use to make smart decisions about which files to convert, how and when
  • ConvertIT – fixes 90+ percent of compatibility issues, increasing IT staff productivity by minimizing hands-on development effort to fix problems.

Some of the key new features in OfficeConverter 2007 automatically identify and fix such compatibility problems as: references to utility.mda from Access databases that are no longer needed; references to named ranges in Excel VBA code required due to the increase in number of columns and rows; and, VBA code which will not function in Office 2007 due to VBA object model changes.

With its OfficeConverter suite of products and comprehensive services expertise, ConverterTechnology has helped more than one million users securely identify, analyze and fix file conversion errors before they occur. “We’ve helped enterprises of all sizes in a variety of industries take advantage of the latest version of Microsoft Office by simplifying their migration process,” said Rob McWalter, CEO of ConverterTechnology. “OfficeConverter 2007 is the latest in our suite of products that eliminate the guesswork in planning and conversion, accelerating time to productivity.”

Alison Ruttens