ConverterTechnology Teams With Juriba to Provide Smarter Microsoft Software Migration

ConverterTechnology has partnered with Juriba to give companies a fast and easy way to assess their readiness to upgrade their Windows PCs to the latest Microsoft software.

ConverterTechnology, the world leading expert in Microsoft Office and Windows enterprise-wide upgrades, will now offer Juriba’s Dashworks software to worldwide customers as part of its portfolio of Microsoft migration tools and services.

Dashworks gives companies deep, detailed visibility into all the assets on their desktops to better manage large-scale deployments. The Dashworks dashboard connects to user directories, desktop inventory and applications throughout the enterprise to build a data warehouse of desktop information. It solves a huge challenge for large enterprises with thousands of desktops in many far flung locations, answering the questions: “What’s on my users’ desktop PCs, and will their files, applications and hardware be able to handle the coming upgrade without breaking?”

ConverterTechnology will offer an optimized version of Dashworks that works seamlessly with its OfficeConverter software portfolio, the world’s number one technology for simplifying enterprise-wide Microsoft Office conversions and migrations. The products also work hand-in-hand with ChangeBASE AOK, also offered by ConverterTechnology, to automate the manual work done around the testing and packaging of applications when companies upgrade to Windows 7 and application virtualization deployments.

“Dashworks will bring enormous efficiency and cost-savings to our customers, cutting the asset discovery phase of Office and Windows migrations up to 50 percent,” said Jeff LaBombard, Global Alliance Director for ConverterTechnology. “Dashworks paired with OfficeConverter 2010 and ChangeBASE will provide a seamless solution for efficient program management for a desktop transformation.”

As Dashworks helps IT discover problematic desktops and files across their enterprise, OfficeConverter 2010 accelerates the process of converting existing files and custom applications to work with new Microsoft Office platforms by automating the most labor-intensive file migration functions. Once file, application and hardware readiness has been assessed, zero-touch deployment begins. The automation capabilities of OfficeConverter and Dashworks minimize the need for manual efforts, reducing the most expensive and time consuming aspects of an enterprise-wide desktop migration.

Both Juriba and ConverterTechnology also offer a self-service option on the desktop, enabling users to stay productive and not have to wait for deployment in mass. From experience with over a million users and requests from its user base, this option enables quicker and more efficient deployment of Office 2010 and Windows 7.

“Finding out who is ready to migrate to a new Windows OS or Office platform is a problem that has always taken armies of people to solve,” said Barry Angell, Managing Director at Juriba. Dashworks paired with ConverterTechnology’s product suite removes the labor intensive manual analysis and remediation that make enterprise-wide Microsoft upgrades so problematic. Who better to partner with in the U.S. than the company renowned for making Microsoft migrations fast, safe and cost effective?”

About Juriba Limited
Juriba Limited is a leading software development and data warehouse specialist. The company provides innovative business intelligence software and service solutions to support management and upgrade of the enterprise desktop environment in some of the largest global organizations in the world. Juriba has developed a product called Dashworks that makes planning and delivering Windows 7 migrations fast, accurate and low cost.