ConverterTechnology: Now Offers Complete Microsoft Windows and Office Migration Solution

Suite of Tools is Unique in the Marketplace

Global IT leader ConverterTechnology is now offering a complete Microsoft® Windows and Office migration solution, which features a “migration readiness” suite of tools. ConverterTechnology is the only company to provide a comprehensive, automated migration solution that manages, tracks and reports on the entire process.

“ConverterTechnology’s unique suite of tools provides a comprehensive, effective solution to meet companies’ migration needs. These tools bring tremendous value to the entire migration process, including planning, workflow, discovering files, identifying compatibility issues and remediation,” said Shawn Allaway, President of ConverterTechnology.

ConverterTechnology’s newest tools, Pinnacle Enterprise and Dashworks, work with both Office and Windows migrations.  Pinnacle Enterprise provides a set of tools and techniques based on best practices that can be used to define, publish and monitor everyday workflow processes. Dashworks, a centralized web-based reporting tool, provides up-to-date, at-a-glance information on project status. Dashworks removes the labor intensive manual analysis and remediation that would otherwise make enterprise-wide Microsoft upgrades so problematic.

Additionally, ConverterTechnology has the most innovative tools for Microsoft Office migration, including:

  • OfficeConverter identifies and resolves office compatibility deployment hurdles related to Office upgrades. Using OfficeConverter tools and methods, program managers can collect and organize information that delivers precise and immediately actionable decision items to Office upgrade planners. The quality of data about the file landscape and intended file use can significantly impact the scope and logistics of document and/or database conversion.
  • DiscoverIT helps define the scope of the file landscape in advance of an upgrade, by determining the number of files that exist on the network, where these files are stored and more, streamlining the file conversion.
  • SubmitIT automates and expedites the Microsoft Office repair process. With one-click, users can send all their broken files to a secure network share for repair or file conversion.
  • AOK, a Windows tool similar to Office Converter, provides an automated process for scanning applications, identifying compatibility issues, and providing automated remediation for these issues.

“The ConverterTechnology Migration Readiness Suite offers complete application solutions to assist organizations with Office readiness assessment and migration. Each component of the suite may be used independently or as a part of a complete project methodology,” Allaway explained.

“We offer a comprehensive migration solution based on 10 years of Office Migration best practices,” Allaway continued.  “With our new suite of tools, we can reduce the trepidation around migration, as companies can stop worrying about the integrity of their files, the associated cost and anticipated downtime.”

Converter Technology helps enterprises migrate to new versions of Microsoft® Windows and Microsoft Office, mitigating the risks, costs and productivity loss that typically arise from enterprise deployments.

“Converting files manually just wasn’t an option for us for multiple reasons” explained a ConverterTechnology client spokesperson. “First, the scope of work was just too massive for this undertaking. We had to migrate nearly 100,000 users worldwide, and we had an extremely tight timeframe to accomplish this task. Working in a highly regulated industry, we had the additional challenge of documentation, and we needed a full audit trail of all of our files, including careful records of all changes during the migration process.”

“ConverterTechnology was very helpful in accommodating our specific requests, providing custom reports per our specifications, which added significant value to the experience,” he continued.  “We’ve been extremely pleased with the process, the tools and the results.”


Adrienne Walkowiak