ConverterTechnology Launches Click2Fix: An Online File Submittal Portal

New Product Reduces Remediation Time & Increases Productivity During and After a Microsoft Migration

Many companies don’t have a plan to manage broken files during and after a Microsoft Office migration. When an employee discovers that an important file isn’t working, they need a quick response. That’s why enterprise migration experts ConverterTechnology have introduced Click2Fix, an online file submittal portal that provides a predefined workflow process, streamlining communication between end-users and IT departments.

Click2Fix offers significant benefits, including reducing remediation time, providing faster access to fixed files, and increasing productivity for IT departments and end-users.

“The IT department is typically responsible for file storage, but has no way of knowing what each file contains, or which files are business-critical.  Business leaders and their work teams know which files are instrumental for daily operations, but don’t have an easy way to identify those files to IT. Click2Fix fills this gap, enabling business groups to quickly and easily identify business-critical files,” said Shawn Allaway, President of ConverterTechnology.


  • Enables end-users to decide which files they want to submit to the file migration team.
  • Automatically generates emails to the IT group when files are uploaded by end-users.
  • Automatically generates an email to the end-user when files are ready and available to download.
  • Notifies the end-user about the status of their files.
  • Provides access and visibility only to the files that end-users have uploaded
  • Provides RAG (Red/Amber/Green) status for each converted file.
  • Streamlines communication and collaboration between IT and business groups.
  • Is the only product of its kind in the marketplace.

“Now, using Click2Fix, work teams and IT departments have an effective workflow process, allowing them to instantly communicate about broken files, leading to faster, more productive remediation,” Allaway continued.

“With the economy recovering and the recent releases of Windows 7 and Microsoft® Office 2010, 2011 is expected to be the biggest technology upgrade since Y2K. Therefore, Microsoft migrations are expected to spike significantly in the coming year.  Click2Fix provides value during and after a migration, ensuring file and application compatibility for business-critical files, minimizing risk, downtime and cost,” Allaway continued.

ConverterTechnology is the only company to provide a comprehensive, automated Microsoft® Windows and Office migration solution that manages, tracks and reports on the entire process.  The company’s innovative suite of tools, such as OfficeConverter, DiscoverIT, AOK, Pinnacle Enterprise and Dashworks, bring tremendous value to the entire migration process, including planning, workflow, discovering files, identifying compatibility issues and remediation.

ConverterTechnology has worked with industry leaders, including Fortune 500 companies, global financial and pharmaceutical corporations and the world’s most renowned theme park.

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