ConverterTechnology Introduces M3 Suite™ for Office

Offering provides comprehensive support through the entire continuum of Office migrations

ConverterTechnology, a leading provider of software and services to help enterprises upgrade to new versions of Microsoft Office and Windows without the risks, costs, productivity loss, and headaches that typically arise from enterprise deployments, announced today the launch of the M3 Suite for Office. This migration readiness suite of tools provides the industry’s most comprehensive support through the entire continuum of migration – from planning through production and post-migration – for organizations upgrading to a newer version of Microsoft Office.

“All too often organizations undertaking an enterprise-wide Microsoft Office upgrade stop short of ensuring that all files are properly remediated, and instead claim victory when 80 to 90 percent of files are migrated,” said Shawn Allaway, CEO, ConverterTechnology. “An enterprise level migration is complex and playing the percentages may seem like a sensible approach, but can lead to post-migration difficulties. The risk with believing your migration is successfully complete when you have reached the 80 percent mark is that the remaining 20 percent of files are often the most complex and mission-critical. In the end, this approach can complicate the project and generate enormous inefficiencies that drain resources.”

To ensure an effective and complete migration, IT managers need to focus on a well-defined process that incorporates a beginning-to-end approach that includes tools and support from planning to production and beyond to post-roll out. Only ConverterTechnology’s M3 Suite for Office offers the depth of technology and expertise that goes beyond just scanning and automated fixing of files. Its ‘last mile to successful migration’ approach offers tools and expert services that help architect and support the entire migration process.

Allaway notes, “No other solution provider offers the depth of planning, assessing, and inventorying of documents and files facing migration that is necessary to avoid missing critical files, or extends support to post roll out where cleanup is often ignored or overlooked by other solutions or processes.” The result is a completely personalized and optimized migration strategy that allows for efficient and effective file migration and remediation, while reducing down time and excessive unplanned cost overruns.

The M3 Suite for Office, which is now available for Office versions through 2013, is built on 15 years of proven Office migration workflow success with large enterprises. The suite comprises several solutions that allow businesses of all sizes to align their migration projects with business operations and optimization goals. The tools convert Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Access files automatically, support batch processing, and automatically remediate VBA object model changes.

In addition to providing customer and partner services, including overall project approach, training and support, the suite consists of:

  • Click2Fix – a web portal application that is designed to reduce the IT workload by empowering desktop users. Instead of expecting the IT team to know which files are important, Click2Fix enables users to select files, upload them to IT, and track the remediation status through a single website.
  • DiscoverIT – defines the scope of a Microsoft Office upgrade by identifying the number of Microsoft Office files that exist on a network, where files are stored, whether data migration for Microsoft Office file conversion should apply to all Office files or just a subset, and specifically which files should be included in the upgrade
  • OfficeConverter – performs two essential tasks that will lead to a fast, efficient, and well-managed Office deployment and file upgrade. File analysis to identify the amount of files needing repair and upgrade, and bulk file conversion and code repair, which converts files for an upgrade to fix broken links.
  • ReportIT – a flexible tool for desktop reporting that assists in making informed decisions about file discovery and potential files for conversion. Reports regarding the number, types and condition of files provide IT managers with the precise information to make informed decisions for upgrade planning and execution.
  • LinkLab – a solution at the desktop level that empowers end users to repair Microsoft Excel and Word file links that are broken as files are upgraded to the new Microsoft Office format.