ConverterTechnology brings automated file repairs to the desktop

New SubmitIT tool provides one-click file remediation for any kind of file

NASHUA, N.H., June 7, 2010ConverterTechnology, a company renowned for fixing broken Microsoft Office files during enterprise-wide upgrades, is now bringing its expertise to the desktop with SubmitIT – a new tool that automates the remediation of any kind of file a company supports.

SubmitIT speeds and automates the process of getting files fixed by IT staff. It provides an easy, one-click solution for submitting a broken file for remediation, as well as automatically restoring the file back to the desktop after it is repaired.

The benefits of SubmitIT include:

  • Money and time saved from lost productivity and business interruption
  • Protection of a company’s intellectual property contained in those files
  • More efficient IT staff and lower IT management costs
  • More productive employees, who can get their files fixed fast

Desktop file remediation is a constant problem for enterprises because desktop files break for myriad reasons. Software upgrades can cause file links to stop working, or legacy file names and formats can be incompatible. User-defined functions in VBA code can go awry. Corrupt defined name ranges can be inserted into mission-critical spreadsheets. CAD files imported and translated from other CAD software can cause errors in drawings. PDF security features may not work with the current Acrobat version. The list goes on.

SubmitIT expedites the remediation process. With one click, users can push all their broken files to a network share, which automatically triggers an e-mail trouble ticket to be sent to the appropriate IT staff. Once the staff fixes the problem, the repaired files are automatically pushed back to the user’s desktop.

“Companies do a decent job protecting and remediating files stored on their enterprise network servers, but they forget about the mission critical files scattered across their corporate desktops. When these files break, users get frustrated and important work doesn’t get done until the file is repaired. SubmitIT aims to reduce the time, frustration and lost revenue opportunities caused by file ‘meltdowns,’ whatever file type it may be,” said Chip Bates, director of product development for ConverterTechnology.

SubmitIT is available immediately with per-user or site-wide licensing options.

About ConverterTechnology

ConverterTechnology provides software and services to help enterprises capitalize on the benefits of the latest versions of Microsoft Office without the migration risks of data corruption, reduced employee productivity and critical business application downtime. Founded in 1997, ConverterTechnology has helped more than one million users identify, analyze and fix compatibility errors before they occur, accelerating time to deployment. ConverterTechnology is headquartered in Nashua, N.H., with offices in Europe and Australia, and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Powerlan Limited. For more information, visit

Alison Ruttens

Beaupre & Co. Public Relations