C&C Technology Partners with ConverterTechnology to expand their Desktop & Application Office Migration Services

As part of their Desktop & Application Migration Centre of Excellence, C&C Technology has partnered with ConverterTechnology to further help their clients by adding an Office migration capability. This capability will enable their clients to migrate their Microsoft Office files and data to a newer version of Microsoft Office with reduced cost, time and associated risks when compared to Microsoft’s standard tools.

C&C Technology are Infrastructure Change Experts, and have over 20 years experience helping clients across a range of industry verticals in the UK with IT change projects. C&C Technology has previous experience using ConverterTechnology’s OfficeConverter, when they worked with a major airport operator to migrate to Office 2007. At one site alone, the conversion involved 25,000 files representing 160GB of data for 70 users. Of these files it was found that nearly 60% would have had compatibility issues. Using OfficeConverter they were able to automatically fix 95% of the files.

“We wanted to be able to help our clients streamline their migration projects even more, and found the ConverterTechnology’s OfficeConverter the ideal tool to do that, especially in conjunction with our own solution, Migration Manager. With the addition of the tools that ConverterTechnology offers to our portfolio, our clients are able to save up to 60% of the time they would have spent completing the migration of files manually. These tools massively reduce any potential for disruption to business continuity that might otherwise have been experienced and having access to reliable data” said Jason Colombo, MD at C&C Technology.

ConverterTechnology is one of several new partnerships that C&C are undertaking this year in order to expand the tools that they are able to offer to ensure business continuity during IT Infrastructure Change projects,

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