Plan Your Office 365 Migration

When youre migrating your Microsoft Office to Office 365, there are a lot of things you need to keep in mind. Take a quick look at our guide to plan a Microsoft Office migration, and be sure you have everything prepared.

The first thing on your mind should be the question: what method are you using for migration? You could migrate everything at once without any preparation, or you could prepare and migrate on a schedule. You could have your IT team migrate everything, or your employees could migrate their own files. There are a lot of choices to make for a migration, and youll have an easier time if you make these decisions before starting.

Make sure your company is prepared for the time commitment. During the migration, some of your files may be inaccessible. Your employees need to know about this, so they can prepare for working around the issue.

You need to be sure that all your infrastructure around your Microsoft files and applications is prepared for the migration. This will require a lot of communication between users and the IT team and can take a while. Luckily, Converter Technology offers a suite of software designed to make this planning and preparation process a breeze for your whole company.

When you get to the actual migration, you should try to do it in multiple steps. This allows your IT team a chance to migrate some files, check for any issues, and be sure that set of files is all set before moving on. If you do the migration in one go, you will likely overlook some of the files.

Contact Converter Technology today for help with your Microsoft Office migration. Well share our expertise with you in order to help your company complete a smooth migration.