Access of Evil?

Well, Microsoft Access isn’t really evil, but like its other Office brethren (especially Excel) it is insidious how it spreads through the enterprise.  However, it has become quite a valuable tool in building true intellectual property that drives business.  Born out of need, forged in elegant simplicity and easily spread through file shares, Access databases […]

Microsoft Risks it All

By Chris Davies, Manager of Technical Services In a recent article in ComputerWorld it was postulated that Microsoft risks ruin by ending support for Windows XP. The article opined that they are reckless to terminate support for the 13 year old operating system. If I followed that logic I am now ready to post my […]

You’re still on XP and blaming Microsoft?

Let me first say that I am not a shill for the Redmond gang nor am I espousing the virtues of Windows 8.1.  However, it strikes me as very odd that as we approach April 2014’s planned retirement of Windows XP that so many people are blaming Microsoft for no longer actively supporting a 13 […]

Data Security and Securing Your Emotions

I was reading an article in the NY Times about the resignation of Target’s CIO due to the massive data breach that was made public back in December.  This is a big hammer to drop at Target and probably one of many others that will not be publically announced.  I began to wonder about how […]

Windows XP Zero Day Approaches and You’ve Made Zero Progress

As April 2014 approaches, it is those organizations who haven’t upgraded from Windows XP (and Office 2003) for whom the bell tolls. With only a month to go, if you haven’t started the process of upgrading then you probably have a good reason why. Whether its propriety applications that haven’t been brought up to current […]

Consumers will continue to pay for data breaches

I was reading a CNN Money article on why retailers aren’t all that motivated to protect your data as vigorously as they are to harvest your data. It would seem protecting your data would mean limiting how much data they can collect on you.  It’s sad to say that is more important to them than […]

Data Breaches: Let’s Drop the “If” and Pick Up the “When”

Build a better mouse trap and you get smarter mice. By Shawn Allaway, CEO It struck me reading a recent article on the latest security breach, this time at Yahoo, that if companies like Yahoo, Target, Adobe, and Neiman Marcus, all of whom presumably spend millions of dollars on security, have suffered security breaches where […]

Office 365 Migration Best Practices

With the end of Microsoft XP/Office 2003 many SMB are considering moving to a new platform, preferably one that allows for more collaboration in an increasingly mobile world. While some are considering ODF platforms, others may be more comfortable with a format they already (somewhat) know. The following article is intended to address some best […]

Windows XP hangers-on have no reason to ever deploy Windows 8

ConverterTechnology CEO Shawn Allaway was quoted in this article by Tim Greene of Network World. With the rumored release of Windows 9, the article reviews the unlikely adoption of Windows 8 by companies still on XP. Network World – With Windows 9 rumored to be coming out early next year, there’s little reason for businesses […]