Office Migration Help Is Closer Than You Think

Chances are, you’ve been using Microsoft applications for years. However, we’d also put money on the fact that you’ve been backed by a sophisticated IT department to help maneuver through migrations and complications. So, when the time comes that you are working solo, office migration help may be just the thing you need.

If you’ve considered migrating an older platform to Windows 10 or another platform, our team at Converter Technology is here to help make your life easier than you could ever imagine. In this article, we’re looking at five myths and reasons why it’s time to give us a call.


office migration help

MYTH: Migrating data into a cloud-based application eliminates user control over technology.

Believe it or not, moving your data into a cloud-based platform provides your company more control over the technologies at hand. By saving money on maintenance and upgrades, your efforts can be redirected to more important matters – such as ways to increase revenue.


FACT: Microsoft has many cloud-based applications that you are already familiar with

Although the word “cloud” is foreign to many, it’s actually more common than you realize. With Microsoft 365, you have applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook all available and at the tip of your fingers. Furthermore, with the option of downloading these applications, your employees will also have access offline.


MYTH: Migrating data into the cloud is not safe.

While it’s easy to assume the unfamiliar is unsafe, it’s easier to look at what you do know. When is the last time you heard or experienced a system crash? This unfortunate situation often leaves companies and individuals with lost data and records. Something that, unfortunately, we are all too familiar with. The cloud offers not only a secure location for data but also one that is uncrushable.


FACT: Microsoft is an industry leader in tackling security breaches.

With a team continuously monitoring and engineering technologies to fight breaches, you can have peace of mind that your data is more secure than ever before. For example, the Security Development Lifecycle not only prevents but detects breaches that many companies don’t have with their older platforms.


FACT: Office migration help is a phone call away

There are several online resources and checklists to prepare you for a cloud migration. However, planning, assessing, and beginning the process can quickly prove overwhelming.

At Converter Technology, our team excels in data risk management. We provide you the assistance and services required to make your migration seamless and painless. Don’t feel like you need to walk into unchartered territory alone, we’re here to help.

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