What No Office Should Do Anymore

The workplace is changing. Is your company prepared for the future of work? Take a look at what office traditions are becoming obsolete, and prepare your office for the future.

Standard Working Hours

The 9-5 workday isn’t the ideal for most employees anymore. People provide their best work when they’re most awake and comfortable, which is a time that varies from person to person. As long as your staff work to get the job done, why should they be at the office at specific times? Allow employees to work on their own schedule so they can be well-rested, avoid traffic jams, and care for any family members without issue.

Desktop Computers and Phones

With the availability of mobile devices, your employees don’t need to be tied to a desk to do their best work. Studies are showing that a change of scenery can help productivity, so allow your employees to use mobile computers and phones so they can work wherever they need to. This might be from home, or your staff might spend time in various spaces in the office.

Printing files to share

You can send files to coworkers and customers by just emailing them or using online cloud storage. There’s no need to waste paper and ink printing files that can be transferred electronically. Many companies use printed documents out of habit, but these habits can be broken. Share files electronically instead of printing, and you’ll transfer information much faster as well as do your part to save the environment.

Using old versions of Microsoft Office

Old versions of Microsoft Office slow down your business. As new software comes out, you need to upgrade. Using older versions will mean your computer systems have exploitable security holes that allow hackers to view critical data. Older versions will also make your computers run slowly, which will lead to a lack of productivity. Upgrading Microsoft Office is a simple task, so there’s no reason you should avoid it.

We can help you move your workspace to the modern age by helping you upgrade Microsoft Office. We make it easy to migrate your files without any issues.