NH data security companies for partnership

This article appears courtesy of The New Hampshire Union Leader. The article was written by Kimberly Houghton and appeared on January 18, 2014

NASHUA – With major security breaches and cyber attacks occurring daily, most recently at Target stores nationwide, protecting data from potential hackers is on the minds of many businesses.

“There is a resurgence of this type of organized crime, and you have to be hypervigilant about it. You should never feel secure,” said Shawn Allaway, CEO for ConverterTechnology, a company that is teaming up with FlowTraq of Lebanon to provide a more robust network security option for its customers.

Allaway’s company has been looking to diversify, he said, and the partnership with FlowTraq seemed like a natural extension.

“Today, there is no greater risk to companies than attacks on their internal systems. With FlowTraq added to our roster, we can provide more comprehensive data risk mitigation solutions to the enterprise,” said Allaway.

The partnership was announced last week, and Allaway says he is excited about the opportunity.

“For nearly 15 years, our team has effectively been helping enterprise-level companies mitigate their risk when initiating an upgrade to newer versions of Microsoft Windows and Office,” he said. “As we have grown, the biggest challenge for our company is to diversity in ways that augment our product line and extend into other areas of a business where risk is involved.”

In steps FlowTraq, a network security software provider based in Lebanon.

“The ultimate goal of this partnership is to equip network operation security teams with tools to catch bad guys snooping around trying to get their hands on sensitive documents,” Vincent Berk, CEO of FlowTraq, said in a statement.

According to Berk, large organizations are struggling to keep their data safe from hackers. However, ConverterTechnology delivers tools that help their customers know where sensitive data is, and how to preserve the integrity of business critical files and data when operating environments are changed or upgraded, he said in a release.

FlowTraq, on the other hand, will analyze patterns of access to business critical files, identify abnormal traffic, identify where data is going and trigger alerts when necessary, Berk said.

“Entering this strategic partnership with ConverterTechnology allows us to broaden the range of enterprises FlowTraq can help protect,” he added.

Companies that already spend millions of dollars on infrastructure security will still benefit from this newest partnership and FlowTraq services, according Allaway.

“With modern technology, one line of defense is not good enough. These bad guys are smart, and they know how to get through that,” Allaway said. “This product is another step of security to secure massive data streams and weed out the noise to locate anomalies. It looks for permanent recognition and what is out of band.”

Although Target spent millions of dollars in security, its infrastructure was still infiltrated, said Allaway.

“So how does this happen?” Allaway said. “At some point the data has to leave the building through a corporate server, and at some point to the bad guys. If we can catch when the data leaves, it will help. This is just another lock on your door.”

While it is frightening to know that this is happening, Allaway said the partnership between two high-tech companies in New Hampshire is attempting to provide a little more comfort to those companies that may be threatened.

Pricing for FlowTraq begins at $9,595 license per server. Subscription packages start at $6,150. For more information, visit www.convertertechnology.comkhoughton@newstote.com