Migrating a Microsoft Access Database to SQL Server

There are several reasons one many consider migrating Microsoft Access to SQL Server. In this article, we’re taking a look at a few of those reasons and the limitations that Access implements upon users.


microsoft access to sql server

Microsoft Access database limits

Like any platform or software, Microsoft Access has its limits. The Access database has a size limit of 2GB. Furthermore, the database is not equipped to support more than 255 simultaneous users. As you can imagine, if the maximum capacity of users begins to utilize the available database limits, you’ll run out of space quickly.


The Cloud

With continuously evolving technologies, servers, and other measures that can support more significant amounts of data with greater data capacities are a necessity. The Cloud is a big element right now. However, many people have concerns regarding the privacy of their data. Although a business can physically host and harbor a cloud, many are serviced by a third-party.


SQL Server benefits

With SQL Server, whether on-site or in the Azure cloud, you are provided with an array of benefits that enable a higher functioning workspace. Below are a few of those benefits;



If you need more than the 255 user capacity that Access enables, SQL Server is your answer. Not only will be allotted many more users, but memory requirements are minimized as users are added.



Gone are the days or forcing users to exit the database to perform a back up of data. With SQL Server, you can dynamically back up your database while it’s in use.



Who doesn’t want optimal performance? SQL Server database performs better, especially with large, terabyte-sized databases. Queries are processed faster and efficiently using multiple threads within a single process.


               IMPROVED SECURITY

SQL Server integrates seamlessly with the Windows security system. Not only do users have the protection of two security systems, but the ease of one a single integration. This integration makes managing sensitive information a much easier task while providing complete confidentiality.



Often, when a system crashes or has a sudden loss of power, work is lost. The SQL Server automatically recovers the database within minutes with no administrator intervention.


               USAGE OF VPN

As you probably are aware, Access and Virtual Private Networks don’t coincide with one another. However, with SQL Server, users have the ability to use Access front-end database and SQL Server back-end.


               AZURE SQL SERVER

Azure SQL Server adds further benefits that include intelligent optimization, elimination of hardware costs, reduced administration costs, and more.



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