Microsoft Office Migration in A Remote World

Microsoft Office migration



2020 has been anything but ordinary. With stay at home restrictions slowly easing across the country, many companies continue to operate remotely. While we were thrown into this unprecedented situation, there are several benefits to this hybrid work environment. Because of the benefits, we forecast that even when safe to return to the office fully, many will continue on this path.

Although there is an upside, when it concerns IT, this remote world can be a complex environment. For instance, Microsoft Office migration, although possible, needs to be remodeled and approached in a new manner. In this article, we’re looking at the new, the old, and potential ways to handle whatever the future may hold.



Old ways

In yesterday’s world, Microsoft Office migrations were a calculated and timed process. By coordinating files within the entire network, programs such as DiscoverIT empowered IT staff with the knowledge needed for success. Knowing what files contained employee encrypted passwords allowed for access control, prompt timing, and seamless migrations.



Migration challenges

Now that companies are spread across multiple workspaces, IT departments are faced with more significant challenges when it concerns migrations. Although many believe with the click of a few buttons a migration can occur, there is much more going on behind the scenes.

Often, IT needs to coordinate with employees to gain system access. Clearly, in a remote situation this is not as simple. Although many companies can remote into the work station, security and access control need to be established before a successful interaction can occur. While many were forced home without the time to establish such security, this need is often not an option in today’s working world.

However, let’s assume that all measures are in place, and employees are working from company-issued and protected hardware. Even with the capabilities of remotely accessing the system, there are still more complications at hand without knowing what challenges may lie ahead.

Migrations generally involve thousands of files. Success depends, again, on coordination and the assumption that IT has full access to data. Working remotely eliminates the opportunity for physical authoritative access between an employee and IT. Even when obtained through a remote connection, the process is not seamless and often results in unprecedented issues. Working through these issues can be a timely process that deters from the project at hand. However, it must be done.

While innovations continue allowing users to complete migration processes remotely, they’re timely and tedious to those untrained for such tasks.



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