Macro Errors 101

When it comes to the digital world, for many of us, it can be a very confusing and overwhelming experience. Often conversations with those experienced in the industry sound like a foreign language to the rest. Here at Converter Technology, our goal is to help keep your computer systems running seamlessly with the latest data management solutions. We are also here to help assist you with the fundamental knowledge you need to understand the process and the behind the scenes. This article will discuss a macro and what macro errors mean.


What is a macro?

In the Windows environment, a macro is a series of commands and instructions. This pile of information is grouped as a single command in order to complete a task.


What is the purpose of a macro?

This automatic sequence of commands mimics keystrokes or mouse actions. Thus, macros were designed to replace a repetitive series of manual commands by the user.


Where is a macro used?

The most common places that macros are implemented are in spreadsheet applications. Programs such as MS Excel and MS Word are frequent users of macros.


Are there different types of macros?

Yes, there are two types of macros. The first is an executive macro. This type generates code or data that is applied to the program. The second type of macro is the declarative macro. This type produces information used by the process while the code is generated.


When do the error messages appear?

A macro error message, in the Windows environment, appears when there is an error in the macro that you are running. If the specified method cannot be used on the specified object, you’ll receive an error. These are the most common reasons:

  • An argument contains a value that is not valid. For example, if a user is trying to access a Workbook in Excel that doesn’t exist, the macro error will occur.
  • An external error, such as failure to read or write from a file, occurs.
  • Security settings block certain properties.

macro errors

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