Large scale Office 365 rollouts

In a recent article posted by WindowsIT Pro (among others) it was announced that the State of New York had entered an agreement with Microsoft to roll out some 120,000 desktops to Office 365. The article touted the benefits of this type of rollout such as significant cost savings, shared calendaring, consolidated email systems and the ability for departments to better collaborate.

So is New York paving the way to other large scale migrations to Office 365?


Large organizations are still slow in moving to this environment. There are security and regulatory issues that need to be considered and common Microsoft Office tools, such as macros and VBA code are not supported in the 365 environment.

Like we always say, how you plan for an office upgrade is vital to the success of the upgrade itself. Employing sound project management principles and tools, will ensure proper scope definition of the migration, and which users might be suitable candidates to migrate to the cloud. You need to first identify all the files on your network, including files that may be shared between users, have VBA code, links and other critical data. It is also helpful in helping you gain an insightful understanding on how your employees use Office’s suite of tools.

If you choose to move to the cloud, ConverterTechnology’s  DiscoverIT tool will help you target user groups that can benefit the most from the mobility to collaborate in a cloud environment by giving employees only the features they need. Conversely, you can also identify power users that would most likely need the full rich feature set of Office and, thus not be a good choice for a cloud-based Office suite.