Deleting the data from a partially imported XML file

If the import task is interrupted for any reason (stopping the service during processing, system crash, power failure, etc.) it is possible that some, but not all, of the records contained in the import XML file would have been inserted into the OC_Import database. If this occurs the user must delete the existing records from […]

What methods or objects does DiscoverIT use to read files?

Methods vary depended upon the information being retrieved. We use the structured storage API where applicable, and also use the .NET streamreader class, as well as the Win32FileStream method from the Windows API. We also use the DAO component to read certain attributes from MS Access files.

Converting files without appending “_OC2007” to the file name

To prevent the _OC2007 prefix on your converted files you’ll need to choose “Activate Rectified Version of File” in the File Update Options section of the Scan/Convert dialogue. Please note that if you do this you’ll also need to choose “Backup Original File” to prevent the original file from being deleted.