Going “Backstage” in MS Office 2010

One of the first things I noticed when using Microsoft Office 2010 was a new tab on the ribbon titled “File.” Microsoft refers to this (on the product itself or in general?) as “Backstage.” File provides access to the commands I was used to finding under the File menu in Office 2003 such as printing, saving and sharing documents. Many users, including myself, were surprised to find that Office 2007 – and Office 2010 as well –  used a round button containing an Office logo to access these commands.  I was a little confused by the transition from file refereince in the first sentence  to the round button referenece in the last sentence – are they one and the same in 2010??

In addition to the new File menu being more intuitive, the functionality of the commands on the new File menu have been updated and streamlined. Most notably, selecting the Print command not only immediately displays a property window that allows you to modify many of the printer settings but a print preview is also displayed. The ability to look at a print preview simply by changing tabs on the ribbon rather than opening and closing a separate window has quickly become a feature that I now take for granted.