Desktop Reporting Made Easy with ReportIT

ReportIT is a tool that makes your Microsoft Office upgrade easy and efficient. When you start the upgrade, do you know all the files on your network? Do you know which files you want to upgrade and which ones you may want to leave alone? Have you considered any potential problems?

ReportIT is designed for desktop reporting and will be an essential tool in understanding your network’s file locations and types before starting on an upgrade. You can find out how many files are on your system, where they are, and if the files will be compatible with the upgraded version of Office.

This tool will reveal all sorts of information about your files, including any links, passwords, add-ins, or VBA code with the files. You’ll have all the information you need to know about your network files before starting the upgrade. You can also use this tool after a Microsoft Office upgrade to compare reports and ensure that you’ve upgraded all critical files, no matter where they reside on the system.

ReportIT is simple to use and provides an easy-to-read report of all file information. The tool uses XML files to generate the report, which makes it fast and straightforward. This one tool is a part of all that Converter Technology offers to make your Microsoft Office upgrade go smoothly. These upgrades are a lot more complicated than many believe, but these tools are designed to make the upgrade as simple and efficient as you expect.

Contact Converter Technology today to get started with your Microsoft Office upgrade. You can use ReportIT alongside DiscoverIT to ensure you know everything about the files on your network before and after an upgrade. We also offer training, support, and resources to help you with any problems, expected or unexpected, that may arise during your migration or upgrade. Contact us now!