Data exfiltration

At the end of the day, all that matters is that data is being stolen

Blog originally published by FlowTraq™, authored by Dr. John Murphy

Data exfiltration from major US weapons manufacturers have put Chinese data hacking back in the news again. The debate over the instigators of these major data leaks continues, with some sources pointing fingers at government and others blaming small private groups. These are important distinctions for diplomacy and law enforcement.

FlowTraq focus on detecting the movement of data. When your most sensitive data is on the move, your top concern is that it is leaving your network, regardless of who’s behind the exfiltration. With FlowTraq’s flexible alerts, its Network Behavioral Intelligence package, and its thousands of views of up-to-the-second data, FlowTraq helps you zero in on what matters: the flow of data from inside to outside your network. FlowTraq helps your organization deal with the risks and realities of data exfiltration.

This doesn’t mean that we don’t care about who’s to blame. FlowTraq keeps a full-fidelity database of all network sessions, not just the most recent. This means it is also up to the job of forensic analysis: identifying who attempted the break-in and identifying any surveillance beforehand. This helps you block the source of the attack so you can share what you’ve learned with law enforcement and your peers.