Choosing a Microsoft Office Migration Tool

Migrating to the latest version of Microsoft Office can be a complicated process. Requiring extensive analysis and planning, especially if your organization currently runs an older version, can leave many feeling perplexed and overwhelmed. However, with the assistance of Microsoft Office migration tool, many of these challenges are eliminated. While fixing and upgrading files is crucial to a successful business process, without the proper migration tools, you may find yourself in a worse position than which you started.


Microsoft Office migration tool

How do you remediate broken files, and what tools do enterprises have to aid the migration?


Most IT professionals are already familiar with Microsoft’s Office Migration Planning Manager (OMPM). OMPM is a free toolset that identifies and reports on file properties and contents. This tool helps to discover file issues that may come up during the migration process. OMPM scans Microsoft Office files in batches and requires them to be processed twice — once for scanning, and once for converting to the updated format. Finally, each file is opened and evaluated individually using the Office Code Compatibility Inspector (OCCI) to find the specific compatibility issues in each file.


What is OMIPM isn’t

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OfficeConverter is an alternative to OMPM. So, how is OfficeConverter different? First, it’s the only third-party tool available on the market that accelerates scanning and conversion of files, while also providing a higher level of detail to the issues that will come up during the migration. This system enables IT to not only prioritize data but also efficiently remediate files.


When comparing the two migration tools processing steps, it is evident that OfficeConverter offers a more efficient process since files will only need to be scanned once, and remediation is done automatically. OfficeConverter is intuitive enough to use, but your IT staff can also rely on the support of a consultant or provider to use it. Unlike OMPM, the software requires a small investment, but your enterprise’s return on investment will be higher when you compare the business operating time saved with OfficeConverter.


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