Google Docs and the Enterprise

Download Podcast Cloud computing…Google Docs…there has been a lot of discussion about the viability of adopting these practices on an enterprise level. While cost is a major factor often cited, there are other factors when trying to decide whether or not to adopt “cloud” computing. Listen as Chip and Shawn discuss the benefits and drawbacks […]

Office 2007 or 2010, which is best for my organization?

Download Podcast Office 2010 became publicly available in June. If your organization is still on Office 2003 (or earlier) you may be wondering which version of Office is right for you. ConverterTechnology has been doing extensive testing and investigation with this latest version, and in this podcast Chip and Shawn discuss some of the new […]

Microsoft Office Upgrade: How do I get there?

Download Podcast If your organization is in the beginning stages of, or planning for a Microsoft Office upgrade you likely have questions. What approach is best…big bang, departmental, staged – or something in between? Whatever your approach there are some consistencies to keep in mind. Listen as Chip and Shawn discuss deployment best practices.

Office 2010…should you wait?

Download Post Microsoft has announced the general availability of Office 2010 this June. If your enterprise is in the midst of an Office 2007 deployment or is planning to upgrade you may be asking – should I wait? Listen as Shawn and Chip talk both to the business and IT implications of deployment, feature sets […]

Files as company assets

Download Podcast You’ve just been given the task of upgrading all your company’s desktops to the latest version of Office. Question. Who owns the files during the transition period? The business unit? IT? While the business unit may own the files, it is the IT department who will be fielding the help desk calls when […]

File Remediation

Download Podcast Your enterprise has gone through the planning process. You’ve identified the types of files that may be problematic, but how do you identify specific files? ConverterTechnology offers an innovative utility that allows businesses to scan their Microsoft Access, Excel, PowerPoint and Word files to identify incompatibility issues that arise when upgrading to newer […]

Mapping Your File Landscape

Download Podcast You’ve made the decision to upgrade users to the latest version of Microsoft Office. Do you know how many Office files need to be converted? Do you know which ones are most at risk to experience problems after conversion? Do you know where they all are? Listen to our experts discuss how proper […]