Why Current Software Matters

It can be hard to justify a major software investment for your business. It can cost quite a bit of money, and involves plenty of installation and other types of preparation. However, keeping your software updated is a major way you can keep your business running smoothly. Below, observe a few reasons why it is […]

File Conversion: MS Office Migration Tips

Allowing your files to be vulnerable can provide plenty of risk for your data. Being well-adjusted and having your files protected will ensure the safety of internal information that would be dangerous to put in the wrong hands. Utilizing a file conversion service is an excellent way to not only protect your data, but become […]

Facts and Speculation About Office 2019

Office migration

Later this year, Microsoft Office is set to release the next upgrade of their software suite. It will get named Office 2019. We’re taking a look at which rumors float around and what’s confirmed fact about the software. That way, you can decide whether to work on Office migration before the software is released. Fact: […]