Is There a Difference? A Look at 32-bit and 64-bit Office


Not everyone realizes that there are actually two modern versions of Microsoft Office for businesses—32-bit and 64-bit versions. Do you know which version your company needs? Take a look at our quick guide of the difference between the two, and determine which is right for your business needs. If you need to migrate to another […]

The Problem With Free Tools

File migration tool

Whether you need help migrating Microsoft Office or tackling some other tech problem, it’s very tempting to save some money by using free tools available online. Before you hit download, though, you need to be aware of a few common problems with free tools. Do you know where the free tool is coming from? While […]

IT and the Business Need a Group Hug

Our company, ConverterTechnology, has been helping enterprises worldwide mitigate data risk for over 15 years.  We started helping companies identify and remediate risk when doing a Microsoft Office and Windows migrations and have expanded into broader areas of data risk management. In the beginning our value proposition was simple and seemingly a no-brainer.  If you […]

Microsoft Risks it All

By Chris Davies, Manager of Technical Services In a recent article in ComputerWorld it was postulated that Microsoft risks ruin by ending support for Windows XP. The article opined that they are reckless to terminate support for the 13 year old operating system. If I followed that logic I am now ready to post my […]

Office 365 Migration Best Practices

With the end of Microsoft XP/Office 2003 many SMB are considering moving to a new platform, preferably one that allows for more collaboration in an increasingly mobile world. While some are considering ODF platforms, others may be more comfortable with a format they already (somewhat) know. The following article is intended to address some best […]

Not So Open Source…

When I first read this article on ZDNet about an Italian region whose government was undertaking a migration away from Microsoft Office to an open source software package called LibreOffice, I must admit I thought it to be a compelling business decision.  However, as I reread the article and began discussing with members of my […]

How to overcome Office 2010 migration challenges

Microsoft Office is by far the single most popular office suite of desktop applications used by organizations today. Its components (Outlook, Excel, and Word) have become essential for business productivity. Microsoft says that Office 2010 is the fastest-selling version of Office ever and that companies are deploying it five times faster than Office 2007. The […]

5 goals large enterprises can achieve with a Windows 7 migration

Careful planning and preparation is required for large organizations before going ahead with enterprise-wide operating system migrations. Today, IT managers worldwide are accelerating their efforts toward planning for and migrating to Windows 7. This particular operating system is a derivative of Windows Vista, albeit a much improved one, so the benefits are evident in terms […]

Questions to ask before a Microsoft Office migration

When it comes to Office migrations you need to be prepared. Migrations can be a complex processes, and without sufficient planning you may experience unwanted setbacks. The first step in any deployment project should be to ask questions, such as: How do we prepare? When it comes to Office migrations, there is a large amount […]

Best Features of Office 2010 for Enterprises

According to Microsoft, Office 2010 is the fastest selling version of Office ever.  In 2011, Microsoft declared that businesses were deploying Office 2010 at rates five times faster than Office 2007 during its first year on the market. There’s no doubt that Office 2010 brings some great features to its users. Below are some highlights […]