Why bother changing your password?

Does it really make a difference whether or not you update your password? Are you really more secure after you change it? Well, maybe you are, until the next breach or security flaw gets exposed.  How many of us have reached complete apathy when it comes to protecting personal information?  It’s not like consumers are […]

Data security is not an IT problem?

It’s like blaming a knife and fork for obesity By Shawn Allaway, CEO Companies need to view the epidemic of data breaches with a similar approach to controlling one’s weight.  Unless there are systemic corporate “lifestyle” changes, the problem will continue to be a pervasive and costly nuisance to the economy.  There are no quick […]

Heartbleed or Heatrburn?

What happens when the horse has already left the barn and the barn door is still open? By Shawn Allaway, CEO Well, one of the insidious vulnerabilities exposed to date is the Heartbleed bug.  They should have dubbed it the vampire bug because it sucks up 64KB of the exposed client’s memory which is more […]

Data Security and Securing Your Emotions

I was reading an article in the NY Times about the resignation of Target’s CIO due to the massive data breach that was made public back in December.  This is a big hammer to drop at Target and probably one of many others that will not be publically announced.  I began to wonder about how […]

Consumers will continue to pay for data breaches

I was reading a CNN Money article on why retailers aren’t all that motivated to protect your data as vigorously as they are to harvest your data. It would seem protecting your data would mean limiting how much data they can collect on you.  It’s sad to say that is more important to them than […]

Data Breaches: Let’s Drop the “If” and Pick Up the “When”

Build a better mouse trap and you get smarter mice. By Shawn Allaway, CEO It struck me reading a recent article on the latest security breach, this time at Yahoo, that if companies like Yahoo, Target, Adobe, and Neiman Marcus, all of whom presumably spend millions of dollars on security, have suffered security breaches where […]

NH data security companies for partnership

This article appears courtesy of The New Hampshire Union Leader. The article was written by Kimberly Houghton and appeared on January 18, 2014 NASHUA – With major security breaches and cyber attacks occurring daily, most recently at Target stores nationwide, protecting data from potential hackers is on the minds of many businesses. “There is a […]

Retailers with Inadequate Network Security Face Higher Fees, Penalties, Charges from Credit Card Companies

By Dr. Vincent Berk, Co-Founder and CEO, and Larry Nuttall Executive Director of Operations, FlowTraq A version of this article also appeared in Retail Minded, posted by Nicole Reyhle Last year ended with the second biggest retail data breach in history, and it is a cautionary tale about the true cost and economic impact that […]