Best Features of Office 2010 for Enterprises

According to Microsoft, Office 2010 is the fastest selling version of Office ever.  In 2011, Microsoft declared that businesses were deploying Office 2010 at rates five times faster than Office 2007 during its first year on the market. There’s no doubt that Office 2010 brings some great features to its users. Below are some highlights that can help users in their day-to- day activities.
Sparklines in Excel
Sparklines are graphics that can be used to represent numbers. Sparklines can be used to show trends, or to represent numbers that exceeded or failed to meet expectations. Sparklines is an excellent tool for employees looking to give a visual perspective to values in a spreadsheet.
Customizable Ribbon
The Ribbon in Office 2010 lets users customize or create tabs to match their individual work style and lets them access their favorite commands quickly. Both employees and administrators can personalize or modify the Ribbon. This functionality is particularly useful for businesses, as it increases productivity by bringing the most highly trafficked and desired features to the foreground for easy access. Administrators can also create and distribute custom Ribbons to users across the network. This feature gives companies the ability to either tailor Ribbons for specific departments or to deploy the same Office 2010 interface across the entire enterprise. Moreover, administrators can use group policy tools to prevent employees from changing custom-deployed Ribbons. This will ultimately help reduce the number of help desk calls and simplify user training.
Built-in Graphics Toolset
Office 2010 embeds image and video editing tools. This allows employees to work with graphical elements without leaving the Office environment. This increases productivity as the employee doesn’t have to lose a great deal of time to switch to third-party graphics editing tools when working on documents with images.
Enhanced Security
Office 2010 includes several technologies that help to enhance security and protect the system from threats: Protected View – works by opening new documents from unknown sources in a “digital sandbox” that prevents a user from editing the document or executing macros or other embedded features; Data Execution Prevention (DEP) – block attacks by preventing the execution of embedded programs or untrusted macros; Office File Validation – checks files for proper format structure before allowing them to open. Plus, the Microsoft Trust Center application that can control which types of files are allowed to be opened, saved, and blocked. All these features, allows administrators to enforce security the entire enterprise.
If your company is planning for an Office 2010 upgrade, we have tools available that can make the migration seamless. Contact us to see how we can help.