DiscoverIT Makes Microsoft Office Migration Easy

If you’ve experienced updating Office on a single computer, you may be thinking the process is already a simple task. However, when the upgrade takes place on an enterprise level across multiple networks, it becomes much more complicated. DiscoverIT is a tool offered to make Microsoft Office migration a more straightforward process. 


microsoft office migration

Where are your files?

Before starting the migration process, ask yourself if you know where every single Office file is stored on your network. With multiple employees accessing a single network, you’re looking at data that is not stored under a uniformed method.  Thus, making it extremely difficult to locate all of the files you’re hoping to convert.

Unorganized storage can lead to critical files being overlooked during an upgrade, which creates potentially costly setbacks in the future. With DiscoverIT, businesses are empowered with a solution that assists in locating those files on your network with ease, before starting the upgrade.


Knowledge is power

Another benefit of DiscoverIT is that you’re provided with an XML file showing all of the files within your network. Not only will you see the files, but additional information such as the author and file location. However, sometimes this information isn’t enough.  Often, employees will password-protect sensitive documents.  With DiscoverIT, administrators are given the knowledge on whether or not files contain any valuable information such as links or passwords. With this type of information at your fingertips, planning your Microsoft Office migration with precision is a breeze.


microsoft office migration


Although the list goes on, the easiest way to describe the benefit of DiscoverIT is that it’s an easy to use system empowering you with knowledge.  Whether your migration process is at the beginning or somewhere in the middle, our software helps make understanding all aspects of your data easy. 


Contact us today to make your Microsoft Office migration seamless. Beyond DiscoverIT, at Converter Technology we have a variety of tools to make your upgrade process less stressful. For more information, contact our team at