Before the Microsoft Office Migration

Everyone is always eager to jump on the bandwagon for the newest technologies. Making the switch to Office 365 can help make your office more efficient, but is it worth the trouble? Here at Converter Technology, we aim to make this transition as easy for you as possible. We do this by taking preemptive steps before you begin the migration can make it even easier. Being prepared is the best way to ensure a smooth transition from your current Office solution to Office 365.

Step One

The first step to any project is to develop a plan. This way, your IT managers and staff are always on the same page and know exactly what’s expected of them. Implementing a service like our M3 for Office helps keep everyone organized and informed on what’s going on with their systems.

Step Two

If you’re switching to Office 365, make sure you consider the toll this could take on your internet bandwidth. This update puts a lot of stress on your internet connection, so making sure you have the capacity for the shift is essential. Before implementing organization-wide, consider upgrading your internet to accommodate your new needs.

Step Three

If you’re concerned about your file security and status, choosing a migration tool like our OfficeConverter can help put your mind at ease. It’s designed to analyze files and generate reports on which ones need to be upgraded or repaired. This eliminates the potential of damage or corruption.

Regardless if you have ten employees or 10,000, using a migration tool with as many capabilities as our Microsoft Office migration software can help relieve the headache that comes with this change. DiscoverIT can help you identify which files need to be converted, while ReportIT provides an informative source on the status of all your files and can help you make decisions regarding your migration.

For more information about how we can help with your Microsoft Office migration, please contact the professionals here at Converter Technology here.