Founded in 1997, ConverterTechnology has helped millions of users at Fortune 500 companies, global financial and pharmaceutical corporations, and the world’s most renowned theme park with Office migration. ConverterTechnology’s headquarters is in New Hampshire, with offices in Europe and Australia.

ConverterTechnology and its M3 suite of tools, including OfficeConverter, ReportIT, and DiscoverIT, have since successfully migrated millions of users and billions of files from older Office platforms to newer ones. Using the M3 Suite for Office, program managers can collect and organize information to deliver immediately active and precise decision support for Office migration planning.

Today, ConverterTechnology continues to expand its offerings for spreadsheet risk management to include monitoring and managing documents for risk governance,  and addressing the latest issues plaguing enterprises facing new versions of office, including the challenges associated with moving to 64 bit Office.

ConverterTechnology’s customers are typically enterprises and government organizations with more than one thousand employees. Customers include globally and nationally recognized organizations such as AMEX, Bank of America, Capital One, Lloyds Bank, Disney, ESPN, Fidelity, Freddie Mac, Merck, Southwest Airlines, Toronto Dominion Bank, Toyota, Pacific Gas & Electric, and HSBC.

ConverterTechnology, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CPS Group Investments Pty Ltd., an Australian-based company specializing in IT products and services, business process outsourcing, and infrastructure support.