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Data Monitoring

ConverterTechnology provides an easy to deploy solution to collect and report on your file estate across the organization. Monitoring your disk usage and identifying data files that are cluttering your storage, identifying old files for potential cleanup as well as allowing you to better quantify the types, location and ownership of all files to assist with storage management.

The ConverterTechnology solution provides standard reporting on what files are most currently accessed, modified for all file types, what files have not been utilized recently as well as comprehensive reports on critical files such as Access databases. The solution also provides reporting to identify other files such as mpeg, mp3, pdfs or any format files in your environment.

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Network Monitoring

ConverterTechnology has teamed with ProQSys® to offer the FlowTraq™ software solution that provides  detection for  a range of network behaviors, including DDoS and brute force attacks, botnets, worms, network scans and other traffic anomalies.

FlowTraq provides a scalable solution for security analysis and forensic investigation suitable for cloud deployments, or local datacenter installations

FlowTraq provides real-time monitoring and alerting, plus full fidelity flow collector for accurate network traffic forensics and compliance investigations,. It uses NetFlow, IPFIX, sFlow, CFlow and JFlow, live capture, and PCAP files. FlowTraq collects, stores, and analyzes your traffic records, and features a dashboard GUI plus a comprehensive set of command-line tools for integration.

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How to use NetFlow to detect and prevent data breaches
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