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Office File Migrations

ConverterTechnology’s M3 Suite for Office™ is a suite of tools that provides the industry’s most comprehensive support through the entire Office migration process – from planning through production and post-migration.

To ensure an effective and complete migration requires a well-defined process which incorporates a beginning-to-end approach that includes tools and support from planning to production to post-roll out. Only ConverterTechnology’s M3 Suite offers the depth of technology and expertise that goes beyond just scanning and automated file remediation. Its approach offers tools and expert services that help architect and support the entire migration process.

M3 Suite for Office, available for Office 2016 and Office 365, is built on 15 years of proven Office migration workflow success with large enterprises. The suite comprises several solutions that allow businesses to align their migration projects with business operations and optimization goals. The tools convert Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Access files automatically, support batch processing, and automatically remediate VBA object model changes.

Windows and Application Migrations

Avoiding user disruption during application upgrades is essential. Application compatibility failures are time-consuming, expensive, and complex. When you’re migrating to Windows 7, ensuring application compatibility is the biggest hurdle to success.

ConverterTechnology has partnered with DELL to offer the ChangeBASE solution suite. ChangeBASE reduces application migration risk and ensures application readiness. You can automate application compatibility testing, application remediation, application packaging, and application virtualization to accelerate patch updates or deployments to new platforms.

ChangeBASE provides a wide range of reports that make it easy to find and fix compatibility issues in minutes, package them up, and get your applications up and running quickly with minimal manual effort. This way you can reduce the time and risk of ongoing system management.

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