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Data Risk Management Solutions

Deploying new versions of Microsoft Windows and Office can be a complex process. And, in the midst of an enterprise-migration, companies must also be thinking about ongoing management and monitoring of company-sensitive data.

ConverterTechnology has developed solutions and offers vendor suites to help accelerate the Microsoft Office deployment process as well as Microsoft Windows migrations and application compatibility.

To complete the cycle of securing your critical data, ConverterTechnology offers a full-fidelity flow based network traffic analysis solution. Securing your data flow in and out of your organization does not start or end with Office migrations. Regardless of your plans for migration, data security is even more critical.

No matter what your challenge ConverterTechnology brings together solutions to help companies with these complex processes. Explore our solutions further to see how you can benefit.


We provide detailed reporting and monitoring solutions for both desktop data and network data.


We have solutions for Windows, Office and Applications migrations. Read more about our process.


Read about our proven solutions for application compatibility, enterprise file management and user workspace management 














How to use NetFlow to detect and prevent data breaches
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Thinking ODF? Consider this before your migrate

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