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M3 for Access™

M3 for Access, is built on 15 years of proven migration success with large enterprises. The suite comprises several solutions that allow businesses to align their migration projects with business operations and optimization goals. The tools help identify business critical Access files, assess them for complexity, and provide an automated determination of issues required to be resolved for migration to Microsoft SQL Server. In addition to these planning features M3 for Access provides the most comprehensive solution to mitigate the issues and deploy the database into the SQL Server environment.

  • Efficiently automates the migration of Access databases from versions as early as 2.0, to target Access environments of 2007, 2010 or 2013, 2016 and SQL Server versions 2008R2 and 2012.
  • Intuitive user interface. Other than Microsoft Access and SQL Server, it does not depend on any other application to operate.
  • Completely self-auditing. It produces Audit and Alert logs reporting on all conversion issues automatically rectified together with a list of issues that require manual services as part of the small “clean-up” process.
  • Built-in Conversion Estimation Module that allows users to evaluate the savings compared to manually performing the tasks of a conversion project.

M3 for Access Components 

MSO Inspector: The Inspector audits your Microsoft Access population, detects, opens and scans every Microsoft Access database across an organization’s network drives and logs key statistical information for subsequent analysis and action.

Detective: Detective is the Access database conversion task estimator. The Detective delivers a full scan of each selected Microsoft Access application in “passive,” non-conversion mode, generating a detailed list of every conversion issue and their occurrences. The detective leverages this information to provide an estimate of the consulting time to complete the conversion manually, for both novice and expert consultants. This can then be used for comparison and estimation of the costs savings using the M3 for Access solution.

Genie: Genie efficiently automates the conversion of all issues reported by the Detective, reducing timelines from hours to minutes and weeks to days, compared to performing the conversion project manually.

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