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Detect DDoS attacks, botnets, brute-force attempts, suspicious data movement, and unusual network traffic.

M3 for Data Security, powered by FlowTraq finds network threats faster than more expensive alternatives.

M3 for Data Security, powered by FlowTraq, provides real-time network monitoring, analysis and forensics tools designed to be customizable, so users can see what is most relevant on their network for mitigating risk. The tools are built on the fundamental principle of speed-to-information: get to what you need to know faster and easier, so you can take action preventing attacks instead of responding to them.

M3 for Data Security learns and understands the changing patterns of behavior in your network and can quickly detect suspicious activity in real time. When any system, mobile gadget, or server starts behaving outside normal patterns you are alerted.

With a full-fidelity, parallel-optimized database, M3 for Data Security offers unprecedented levels of performance, and a virtually unlimited traffic history.

Forensically accurate traffic audits are now possible on networks of any size. You can investigate any connection, at any point in the past. Proving, or disproving, that sensitive data has left your reach.

Thanks to a multi-tenant storage core, it is ready for managed services providers. Secure and manage thousands of customers through a single installation in your data center or the cloud.

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